Our services


We offer a great variety of loads, which are operated by a team of two. As we take great responsibility for the security of our drivers, over-exhaustion and lassitude are a no-go. It is our top priority to keep drivers content, well-rested and satisfied, instead of lonely or overworked.

Furthermore, complying with all enforced regulations ensures  the most efficient all-around service. As for the benefits for our customers – the commercial motor vehicle will be moving round-the-clock, catering the fastest and safest transportation of your freight.


We work with some of the largest companies, offering a variety of OTR loads. If you are interested in doing over-the-road loads, you will do mostly Hook&Drop, deliver Amazon freights, and terminal-to-terminal work.

We value your time greatly, which is precisely the reason why we have come to realize that Hook&Drop is the best approach for our truck drivers. You won’t have to inconveniently wait for your freight to be unloaded, instead, you will drop the loaded trailer at the consignee and hook to an empty trailer, saving you tons of time and irritation.  Convenience and comfort are our first concern when it comes to keeping our drivers pleased.


We know –  it is what everyone prefers, and we are glad to be able to accommodate every need. So, if you are not flexible or just don’t like the idea of traveling further, we offer locally freights within a 300 miles radius of San Antonio, Texas or Chicago, Illinois.

You can enjoy family time and be home nightly. 5 days per week, pulling Amazon loads for $250 per day. This is a great option to make good money and have home time with family or loved ones.



If you prefer to stay close to your family but willing to make a decent income, then this is your solution. We have regional work for about 500 miles radius of Dallas, TX, St. Louis, MO or Chicago, IL.

Our drivers make an average of $1,300 per week ( 5 work days) and are at home every other night.  The routes we have are all-year-round, which ensures you will continuously maintain a good cash flow.